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Felice Duffy: I grew up with nine siblings in a household where our parents worked hard to treat all of us equally.

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Attorney Felice Duffy served as an Assistant United States Attorney for ten years after beginning her legal career at two prestigious firms (one in CT and one in NY) and then clerking for two federal judges. As an undergraduate, she brought a legal action under the then-new Title IX statute against UCONN to compel the creation of its women's varsity soccer program. She went on to become a first-team Division I All-American, was selected to be on the first U.S. National Women's Team, and spent 10 years as Head Coach of the Yale women's soccer team (while at the same time earning her Ph.D. in Education/Sports Psychology).

Our team consists of a former federal prosecutor and a former federal defender. As a result, we bring to every client's case a 360-degree, highly disciplined process of analysis, strategy development, and tactical execution. Our collective experience includes having handled hundreds of criminal matters and involvement in hundreds of court proceedings, including detention hearings, plea proceedings, and trials, all of which have made us familiar with many of the law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, judges, courthouse personnel, and unique procedures in each judicial venue.


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